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Support SIV-2021 Fund – Saving the Interpreters

As you read this plea, America is ending our twenty-year mission in Afghanistan. We RPCVs and other Friends of Afghanistan know that the children and grandchildren of our former colleagues and students will become Taliban targets and pay a steep price following our departure.

The extremist attacks on a Dasht-e-Barchi maternity hospital in Kabul killed more than twenty Hazara women and babies in March. The more recent attack on the Sayed ul-Shuhada High School in Kabul killed more than eighty Hazara high school girls. We expect that these heinous attacks will continue to target educated women and minorities.

Your Friends of Afghanistan Board of Directors has developed our SIV-2021 initiative to save the lives of the Interpreters and other Special Immigration Visa (SIV) recipients who worked side-by-side with American counterparts.  These partners and allies put their lives on the line, and some even made the ultimate sacrifice to support and defend their US Military counterparts during America’s War on Terror.

We have helped to bring SIV families to the US over the past few years. The escalating departure schedule makes our partnership program with the Peace Corps Community for Refugees and other RPCV and NGO partners urgent and essential. With our continuing emphasis on equitable treatment of women and minorities, we request that you support our SIV-2021 initiative and help us bring eligible SIV awardees to safety in the United States. 

                      Friends of Afghanistan, EIN: 46-4928009, is a recognized 501 c (3) Charity.  Your donation may qualify as a tax deduction under IRS rules.

You may also direct all other donation or fund transfers to FoA’s Treasurer at the following address:

FoA c/o Terry Dougherty
4415 Piazza Circle
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